ICUC has a new telephone number: 724-2600

After the sudden shutdown by Scarlet of our telephone number from people calling with a UTS number in august, Scarlet first told us that this was of a technical difficult. Weeks later they had to admit this was because of a financial issue with UTS and that this issue would not be resolved. These things can unfortunately only happen on Curacao, unless we ban this type of companies like Scarlet for all the damage they cause to our economy.

Digicel has now provided us with our new number through we hope we can service you better again: (+5999) 7242600. Please take also notice of all the different ways you can contact ICUC staff on our contacts page: and see that we also have a number now where you can sent WhatsApp messages: (+5999) 683-4093.

Sorry for the inconvenience

ICUC Board

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