Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA-Part-Time) - General Management

Program Director
: Prof. dr. ir. Gilbert J. Cijntje RI

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Course Description
BBA - Local & International Economics
An introduction to key economic concepts, emphasizing the broad outlines of national and international economic problems. Students learn the causes and consequences of variations in gross domestic product, unemployment, inflation, the budget deficit, and the trade deficit. The course also covers some key challenges the Curacao economy is facing including the monetary union between Curacao and Sint Maarten, the widening current account deficit and fiscal sustainability.  
Course objectives/standards
  1. To provide insights into the key macroeconomic concepts and variables and their interrelationships (the real sector, public sector, external sector and monetary sector)
  2. To provide insights into the main characteristics of the Curaçao economy
  3. To provide insights into the main international economic developments and their impact on the Curaçao economy (since Curaçao is a small and open economy and hence vulnerable to external shocks)
  4. To provide insights into the main macroeconomic challenges Curacao is facing and their alternative solutions

BBA - Financial Accounting
The objective of this module is to help the students develop a sufficient understanding of the basic concepts underlying financial statements so that they can apply the concepts to new and different situations.  Furthermore, this module seeks to train students in accounting terminology and methods so that they can interpret, analyze, and evaluate financial statements published in corporate annual reports.  
The text for this module presents the concepts of financial accounting in a logical format.  Essential topics are covered in sufficient depth to substantiate basic technical understanding and to support the application of the material to organizational problems.

BBA - Statistics and Mathematics
To be announced

Overview Preparation

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