Final Attainment Level:
Expand1The student can formulate the basic elements of the internal business environment of an organization
Expand2The student is able to apply the basics elements of the internal business environment into the external environment of a Hospitality organization.
Expand3The student is able to present themselves in a professional way in the Hospitality sector..
Expand4The student has professional skills needed to solve problems, to communicate, cope with unforeseen events, support the management in (un)predictable business environments
Expand5The student has the ability to prepare and execute research on business and organizational issues using a scientific approach
Main Points:
The IHTM program is a professional academic program based on best practices in education principles, including learning that is:
  • Competence-based
    Knowledge, skills and (professional) attitude are integrated in the learning process and the learning activities take place in authentic hospitality situations.
  • Project-based
    Projects in reality hospitality situations are used to have the student develop in an integrated manner the knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Modular/Theme-based
    The program is structured through modules. A module is a complete, coherent entity of educational and learning activities, which are carried out within a concentrated period of time. The module structure allows the student to work intensively at developing his knowledge, skills and attitude with regard to a certain theme. A theme may include elements of several disciplines or domains of hospitality business administration in order to have an integrated approach to the issue. Each academic year consists of 5 modules and each module includes 8 weeks.
Years: For detailed course information per year, select the following link:
Major Ascending
International Hospitality & Tourism Management

Admission Requirements:
The requirements for admission of local and international applicants are the following.
All Applicants
  • Secondary school (HAVO/VWO/SBO-4) or equivalent) including the subjects:
    - English
    - Math or Economics or Business
  • An intake interview to determine:
    - your motivation for studying hospitality and tourism
    - the existence of a healthy basis to develop the core competencies ( of the program.
International Applicants: in addition
  • TOEFL score of at least 500 written for foreign candidates from a non-English language secondary education.
  • Evaluation secondary school level by Department of Education government of CuraƧao


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